We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are. Anais Nin (1903 - 1977)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

so much

I have been meaning to write you this for awhile.
I couldn’t find the starting gate. And I’m sure I am not there now.
It must begin.
Last night, I cried in your hair while you slept.
I worried you might wake up and wonder why your hair was all wet and matted.
You didn’t,
So in that time, I figured some things out.
If I never saw the aurora borealis…
If I never swam in Zanzibar’s ocean….
If I never became the painter I always wanted to be.
I became everything I ever hoped I could be with you.
I finally found it. I finally found you.
So I cried because I am afraid.
That what has become so essential will be ripped away.
That somewhere inside of me lives a certainty
That this only exists because of you.
And I can’t imagine this world without you.
And I don’t want to.
I want you here, always with me.

Monday, October 10, 2005

space cowboy

some call me the gangster of love

Saturday, September 10, 2005

silly rabbit

silly rabbit
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Friday, September 09, 2005


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Monday, July 25, 2005

10 things about her

1. when she sweats, she smells like a baby.
2. when she writes, she speaks from places she rarely shows.
3. lately, she is showing me those places. more and more.
4. she always makes me laugh. always.
5. she's the one. whether she believes it or not, everyday, without fail, i see how she is the only one.
6. when she smiles, she gives it away.
7. she's a flower. and a puppy. and i love it that way.
8. she makes everything go away. from the beginning, or the second beginning, she's all i see.
9. she makes a mean biscuit,sausage, fried cheese breakfast sandwich.
10. she stood on the top of a mountain with me on the day i first saw snow.

and when she's not here, or i'm not there, i feel like i'm missing home.
she's beautiful. and witty. and oh so very softly, becoming the biggest surprise. karma's sweetest gift.
i'm not sure what i did to warrant it, except trust in her when she asked me to.

i fall in love with her everyday...even the borderline days.

Friday, July 22, 2005


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top of the rainbow..


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rainbow eucalyptus...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

days like today...i just want to hold you closer and let it fade away

seeing how i was in the same boat last week...the same exact boat...a little dingy, rocked by every single wave, every SINGLE wave, it bears down, it bowls you over, and the dingy you're clinging to is somehow not understanding that it needs to be bigger-it needs to be safer, it needs to stay still while the waves jut back and forth.i am trying to understand what i wanted her to do. so that i can do it now for her.
so here it is:
1. call me at odd hours of the day just to say i miss you. tell me " i wish i was with you."
2. tell me how you hate sleeping without me. how you wish you could travel in time and be here, in bed, in our cocoon, in this space that only lives when we're both here.
3. find the words to tell me what you haven't told me before. because somehow that's what i really needed to have.
4. tell me that although this important, there's nothing more important than you.

she called me over and over again. trying to make sure i was okay, even though i said i was, even though she knew it was a lie. she called until she heard me laugh, and that seemed to relieve her in some way. she told me she was sorry she had to leave, that she wouldn't leave anymore unless i came along. and she did ask me to come along. i couldn't. she told me how much she missed me. she told me she wasn't sleeping well, and although it was because the bed had a giant dip in the middle, i chose to believe it was because i wasn't there. she did all she could and still i was miserable, simply because she wasn't here by my side.

so i just want to say, just in case, i didn't think to say it before, how much it meant that you did that.
i know it wasn't fair to make you worry about me while you were away.

and here is the part that's just for you.
you are the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.
you bring out the softest part of me.
you have been with me before. and even if you don't buy that, when we leave here, you'll know. because wherever that it is, i'll be there.
i knew it from the moment of my confession, that although i said i would go my own way, my way was you, and i wasn't going anywhere.
when we found each other, it was like that moment when you reach "the breath". the breath you're fighting to find when you've jumped in too deep. and you can see the light growing as you swim upwards as fast as you possibly can. and when you reach it, your entire body/being takes that breath. and all the other breaths that you've taken before didn't even register. it's that one. the one you fought to take. the one you felt yourself taking. and then you just bob along, remembering, reveling in it.

so that's where i'll be.